Support for Cities

SMC Energy Watch is assisting cities in San Mateo County in developing and implementing climate action plans using the Regionally Integrated Climate Action Planning Suite (RICAPS) tools. The goal of the RICAPS initiative is to support cities in reaching the State of California's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 15% below 1990 levels by 2020 and the Governor's 2015 Executive Order of 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.  Technical assistance is currently provided by experts from DNV GL. 

The RICAPS initiative also includes guidance to jurisdictions developing municipal greenhouse gas inventories and annual community greenhouse gas inventories. We're currently working on updates for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, expected in October 2015.

Municipal staff can participate in monthly Multi-city Working Group meetings. At these meetings, participants share information and receive coaching on developing, implementing, and tracking their climate action plans. In addition, C/CAG is a Beacon Award Champion, assisting cities in participating in the Beacon Award program administered by the Institute for Local Government. A subcommittee is also working on an online climate action progress dashboard to inform and engage the public using the County's Open Data Portal and Socrata.  If you would like to attend future working group meetings and/or receive updates about RICAPS by email, please contact Andrea Pappajohn: 650-599-1468.

Funding for this technical support is only ensured through the end of 2015, so jurisdictions are encouraged to take advantage of this assistance while it is available. Contracts are currently being negotiated for 2016-2017.

2017 RICAPS Multi-City Working Group Meetings 



January 24 Webinar Call for projects: BayREN ZNE municipal engineering technical assistance; City of Palo Alto electrification efforts; City of Boulder electrification efforts; City of SF electrification perspectives and open discussion; Update on CPUC energy data privacy rules. Presentation
February 28 In-person Cross-department Collaboration on Sustainability Projects: San Mateo County, City of Fremont, City of San Carlos; Peninsula Advanced Energy Community (PAEC) Update on Policy Analysis; Beacon Award Update. Presentation
March 28 Webinar Open Data Portal Update; Energize Fresno; Innovative City Data Practices (Hitachi); Update on CPUC energy data privacy rules. Presentation
April 25 In-person

2016 RICAPS Multi-City Working Group Meetings 



January 26 Webinar Review of 2015 and looking forward 2016. Presentation
February No meeting held.
March 29 In-person Energy Ordinances - Residential Energy Conservatin Ordinance (RECO), Commercial Energy Conservatin Ordinance (CECO), Home Energy Score (HES), National Bike Month Resolutions. Presentation
April 26 Webinar Energy Ordinances, Update on BayREN Home Energy Score (HES) working group, HES and Asset Rating. Presentation
May 24 Webinar OPR State Climate Efforts Update, Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Update, Foster City Levee Project, Half Moon Bay Local Costal Program, Colma-San Bruno Creek Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment. Presentation
June 28 In-person                      

City of San Mateo-New Solar PV Requirement, cool roofs and EV charging (presentation); Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative(SEEC) current climate project programs and resources (presentation), Overview of RICAPS initiatives related to building energy ordinances Presentation   Agenda

July 26 Webinar Sustainability updates from Portola Valley: Greywater and PV/solar thermal readiness policies.  Progress towards voluntary/mandatoryHome Energy Score ordinances.  San Mateo County Open Data Portal demonstration: Socrata Perspectives. Growing Solar in San Mateo County (presentation). SunShares Update. Agenda
August 23 In-person SMC Zero Net Energy Strataegic Plan, Overview of BayREN Zero Net Energy Initiatives and Template Policy Language Development Presentation PG&E Support for Reach Code Cost-effectiveness Studies, CEC Peninsula Advanced Energy Communities (PAEC) Grant Presentation Agenda
September 27 Webinar Beacon Award celebration! Cracking the nut of existing buildings for climate action. Innovative policy approaches for zero energy new buildings, Menlo Park. Leading by Example: Municipal buildings policies for zero net energy, City of Hayward, County of San Mateo. Presentation  
October 25 In-person Community and Municipal GHG Inventory Updates for San Mateo County. Open Data Portal – How it’s Shaping Up for Cities. Go CO2 Free Community Engagement Tool. Presentation
November 22 Webinar October RICAPS interactive activity results, BayREN Zero Net Energy Forum and San Mateo County PACE program updates, Peninsula Clean Energy Program and Participation, Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) key initiatives related to carbon neutrality and electrification. Presentation   

December 13 In-person Energy Innovations to Transform our Communities; Peninsula Advanced Energy Communities; RICAPS 2016 Celebrations and Achievements; What's Ahead for RICAPS 2017. Presentation

2015 RICAPS Multi-City Working Group Meetings 

Date Topics
January 27 (Agenda) Sustainability Circles (presentation), Updates (EE campaigns, Water conservation, ZNE workshop, SAMCAR collaboration, Beacon Award), Template for annual report to council (template file), Online tracking of CAP progress (City of Berkeley - presentation, San Mateo County Open Data Portal). All presentations
February 24 Webinar (Agenda) Drought update (presentation), San Carlos drought emergency ordinance (presentation), Water conservation outreach (presentation), Menlo Park Conserve-a-Scape program, PG&E Green Option (presentation), other updates (BayREN, 2016 Update to Title 24, ZNE workshop, LR2C2 Meeting, SSMC & Beacon Award, Sustainability Circle preview ). All presentations 
March 31 In-person (Agenda) Interactive session to discuss: Current major sustainability initiatives, new/desired initiatives, barriers to implementation, next steps.
April 28 Webinar (Agenda) Takeaways from 3/31 RICAPS meeting, partnership and grant opportunities, PACE update, online progress tracking, Beacon Award update, Step Up and Power Down pilot, small business outreach challenge, Zero Energy workshop update. All presentations
June 2 Webinar (Agenda) Governor's Executive Order for 2030 climate target (OPR presentation, BAAQMD presentation), Peninsula SunShares (presentation), program updates (Zero Energy workshops, Beacon Award data collection, energy efficiency outreach campaigns, water conservation), preview of upcoming meetings. All presentations
June 30 In-person San Carlos (Agenda) Results of needs assessment survey, small business outreach challenge - lessons learned and next steps, Zero Energy workshop - recap and next steps. All presentations
July 28 Webinar (Agenda) Accelerating EV adoption, Alternative Fuel Readiness Plan for San Mateo County, different models for EV charging infrastructure, transportation fund for Clean Air: Charge! Program, lessons learned from EV charging installations, PACE updates All presentations
August 18
Online CAP progress tracking presentation
August 25 (Agenda)
Water conservation (Belmont presentation, school water auditing pilot and BAWSCA update presentation, H2Oknow presentation, discussion), online CAP progress tracking presentation, plans for 2016. All presentations
September 22 In-person Daly City (Agenda) Review of Open Data Portal - Socrata strategy, review proposed list of common measures, discuss how to get to 2030 GHG goals. All presentations
October 27 1:30pm Webinar (Agenda) Results: Community GHG inventories for 2011-2013 and plan for 2015 municipal GHG inventories (presentation), Beacon Award debrief and next steps, SMC Energy Watch updates (small business campaigns, school Prop 39 efforts, Living Lab opportunity, online CAP tracking, Comprehensive Energy Recommendations). All presentations
November 17 1:30pm Webinar (Agenda) RecycleWorks updates (County Green Business program and RecycleWorks Volunteer Academy), San Mateo County vulnerability assessment (presentation), SB 350 and AB 802 policy updates (presentation), active transportation updates (presentation), Zero energy ready "interventions" (presentation), general updates. All presentations
December 15 1:30pm In-person Brisbane Agenda will focus on Zero Energy. (Presentation

2014 RICAPS Multi-City Working Group Meetings 

Date Topics
January 28 (Agenda) On-bill repayment to water customers (PAYS) (Presentation), CAP reporting templates, countywide outreach campaigns
February 25 (Agenda) Bay Area Climate & Energy Resilience Project (Link), Community GHG inventories (Presentation), CAP reporting update, Countywide outreach campaigns (Presentation)
April 1 (Agenda) OPR review of new state plans and programs, water conservation strategies (Los Altos Hills documents: 1, 2, 3, 4; Foster City/Estero Presentation), Residential group solar procurement initiative
April 29 (Agenda) EV charging infrastructure -- Bay Area Climate Collaborative (Presentation), County of San Mateo, City of Menlo Park, SEEDZ (Presentation), EV to Grid (Presentation), Alternative Fuels (Presentation); GHG inventory tracking tools (Presentation)
May 20 (Agenda) Bicycle & pedestrian planning and best practices (Presentation), GHG reduction tools and common measures (Presentation)
June 24 (Agenda) Getting ready for Title 24 (BayREN presentation, Burlingame presentation), Training request form; GHG tracking tools survey results (Presentation)
July 22 (Agenda) Help with implementation: Civic Spark (presentation), Climate Corps Bay Area (presentation), RecycleWorks Volunteer Academy (presentation); Countywide outreach campaigns, Ideas for increasing code compliance, Update about tracking tools and reporting
August 26 (Agenda) Progress toward RPS goal (presentation), Beacon Award presentations (overview, San Carlos case study, next steps)
September 30 (Agenda) Sustainable purchasing policies (Responsible Purchasing Network presentation, Palo Alto presentation, Menlo Park presentation, Oakland presentation), next steps with Beacon Award participation (info sheet) and annual reporting (timeline)
October 28 (Agenda) Support for Beacon Award and annual climate action report, California SEEC ClearPath tool overview, Civic Spark projects, citizen committees. (Presentation) Beacon Award sample staff report, resolution, San Carlos example submission.
November 18 (Agenda) Beacon Awards data collection update, Countywide energy efficiency outreach campaigns, Zero Net Energy toolkit project, Foster City group solar purchase, Solar Roadmap project (master presentation file) To register for this conference call, click here.
December 16 (Agenda) Federal and state updates (presentation), County Office of Sustainability (presentation), RICAPS program achievements and looking ahead to 2015 (presentation)

2013 RICAPS Multi-City Working Group Meetings

Date Topics
June 25 BAAQMD and CEQA
July 23 Climate adaptation -- Follow up from June 4 workshop
August 27 Codes and standards
September 24 Bike share
October 29 Safe Routes to School
November 19 Climate adaptation, Input to Joint Policy Committee
December 17 Implementation best practices, Colma case studies