Even as a few cities are still working on drafting or adopting their climate action plans using RICAPS tools (Regionally Integrated Climate Action Planning Suite), a growing number of cities in San Mateo County are moving forward with implementation efforts. If you'd like to post an initiative here, contact Susan Wright (650-599-1403). 

Energy efficiency outreach campaigns to small businesses

SMC Energy Watch is partnering with individual cities in San Mateo County to craft outreach campaigns to small businesses. The goal of the outreach is to encourage small businesses to schedule a no-cost energy assessment through the SMC Energy Watch turnkey lighting retrofit program. We are targeting small retail, warehouses, gas stations, conveniences stores, and restaurants, but other businesses may take part in the program, as well.

To increase the number of businesses to sign up for an energy assessment SMC Energy Watch has created an engaging outreach campaign called the “SMC Energy Watch Challenge.” The SMC Energy Watch Challenge is inviting elected officials to participate in a countywide cooperative challenge to spread the awareness of the program. If elected officials agree to participate, they can do any of the following activities: 

· Inform the general public about the Challenge at Council and/or Chamber meetings, and on TV and/or radio (coordinated by SMC Energy Watch)

· Canvass community areas with volunteers (organized around the elected official's schedule)

· Send a letter about the program to local businesses

· Talk to business owners individually to let them know about the Energy Watch turnkey lighting program

· Share the "How the San Mateo County Energy Watch Program Works" video, testimonial video about Fattoria E Mare restaurant in Burlingame and You Name It collectibles store in Pacifica

 The goal is to get 250 small businesses to sign up for a no-cost energy survey from SMC Energy Watch in May and June 2015. At the end of the Challenge, SMC Energy Watch will host a celebration event to recognize the efforts of the elected officials, city staff, and businesses that signed up for an energy survey.


Climate Corps Bay Area fellow Eddie Ashley is coordinating with city staff (sustainabillity coordinators and economic development directors) and local chambers of commerce, as well as incorporating volunteers from the County's RecycleWorks Volunteer Academy to do canvassing. 

If your city would like to develop a campaign for your community, please contact Eddie Ashley at 650-599-1480. Flyer for San Mateo County Energy Watch

San Mateo County Energy Watch flyer

Peninsula SunShares 

The City of Foster City has taken the lead on a regional solar group bulk purchase program for homes in collaboration with VoteSolar. As of December 2014, the following jurisdictions are partipating: Belmont, Burlingame, Brisbane, Foster City, Redwood City, San Carlos, and unincorporated San Mateo County. Only single-family homes are currently eligible, although the program may be extended to duplexes and small multi-family residences. Apartments, condominiums, and other commercial properties aren't eligible. Employees at businesses located in participating cities may also participate, no matter where they live in the Bay Area. Registration for individuals began April 1, 2015.

For more information, contact 'Andra Lorenz at City of Foster City, visit the Peninsula SunShares website, or read this article from the San Mateo Daily Journal.