Energy & Climate Action News

CBS News - March 19, 2015

Electric vehicles are attractive as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down on smog and even noise pollution in urban areas.

The Washington Post - March 16, 2015

For some time now, energy efficiency wonks have had their eyes on a problem that has been dubbed the “miscellaneous electrical loa

Climate Central - March 16, 2015

There is a scene in the movie “Gattaca” in which Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s characters walk through a giant concentrating solar power plant spread across a broad flat California desert.

The Guardian - March 15, 2015

Britain’s first “poo bus”, which runs on human and household waste, goes into regular service this month. Powered by biomethane gas, the Bio-Bus will use waste from more than 32,000 households along its 15-mile route.

Forbes - March 13, 2015

A key stumbling block in the effort to combat global warming has been the intimate link between greenhouse gas emissions and economic growth. When times are good and industries are thriving, global energy use traditionally increases and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions also go up.

National Geographic - March 12, 2015

In cities worldwide, buses are morphing into giant battery-powered rolling computers. Equipped with the same technologies as the luxury Tesla sedan, they offer a clean, quiet ride for the price of a bus fare.

Santa Fe New Mexican - March 10, 2015

Santa Fe resident Amy Bunting is a utility company’s nightmare. Her 20-year-old home on the city’s southeast side is powered by the sun.

Peninsula Daily News - February 16, 2015

OLYMPIA — Even with gas prices hovering around $2 per gallon, state lawmakers are considering a raft of bills to encourage more drivers to turn to electric cars in the name of reducing pollution.

The Washington Post - February 12, 2015

The quest to get Americans to cut down their energy use is becoming a lot less dreary and preachy — and a lot more fun.

SMC Energy Watch exclusive - August 05, 2014

August 5, 2014 - How can a city reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its largest businesses? This is a common dilemma for municipalities when trying to implement their climate action plans and meet their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.